[MERGE][#295161] Ensure valid messages and revision properties

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Nov 13 06:02:07 GMT 2008

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At the moment, we have a small issue with how we (de)serialize commit
messages and revision properties because we go through XML.
Specifically, when writing, we are allowed to write things like "\r" and
"\r\n" to the string, but when those strings get read back, they will
all be normalized to "\n". (This happens as part of the Expat parsing.)

This patch helps prevent those sorts of things being written to the
repository, by checking the strings at commit time. I have an associated
patch for bzr-gtk which sanitizes the messages before they get committed.

It is also designed that this can be configured by the Repository, in
case future formats can support more characters.

This is a first step towards proper handling of bug #295161.
Specifically, this is a bzr fix to force clients to do the right thing,
and I'll post a couple patches to bzr-gtk to be a good client.


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