bzr status

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Tue Nov 11 15:51:07 GMT 2008

> I agree with that logic.  And it's more than just a current accident
> that commit is tree wide, but a core principle that commits, merges,
> merge requests, etc are fundamentally tree-wide (like git, unlike
> svn).  It would be inconsistent with this to change eg commit to
> default to 'commit .'.

I agree that tree-wide operations are a good default.  There should be
a way to be able to operate on a particular subtree, but it shouldn't be
the default.

OTOH it is a general rule in Unix that when a tool outputs relative
filenames, those should be relative to CWD unless there's a damn good
reason to choose something else.

So IMO, it is a bug for "bzr diff" and "bzr status" to output
filenames relative to the tree's root rather than CWD.


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