Bazaar 1.9 rc1-3 Windows installers

Eugene Wee crystalrecursion at
Fri Nov 7 14:38:23 GMT 2008

Hi John,

I did not save anything from the computer used in my test, but there was 
no problem duplicating the error on my own computer. The relevant 
portion of my .bzr.log file (with URIs slightly modified) is attached. 
However, it does not appear to provide much more information than the 
command line error that was displayed :|


John Arbash Meinel wrote:
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> Eugene Wee wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> I encountered no problems when I locally tested bzr-zip-1.9rc1-1.exe on
>> a computer in one of my university computer labs running Windows XP SP3
>> without administrator privileges :)
>> However, I did have problems using bzr log, bzr branch, bzr annotate and
>> bzr qannotate on a remote standalone branch via SFTP. Strangely, bzr
>> info and bzr qlog worked as expected (I could not try bzr qbranch as a
>> password could not be provided via the GUI). Note that the remote
>> repository format was RepositoryFormatKnit1 but the local shared
>> repository format was the default pack-0.92. The traceback was:
> ...
>>   File "bzrlib\knit.pyo", line 2369, in get_raw_records
>>   File "bzrlib\transport\sftp.pyo", line 298, in request_and_yield_offsets
>> IndexError: list index out of range"
> Did you happen to have the .bzr.log for this error? Because the step
> right before this should be doing:
>             mutter('SFTP readv left with %d out-of-order bytes',
>                    sum(map(lambda x: len(x[1]), data_chunks)))
> And I would like to have something like that, so I would like to have a
> test case to make sure I can reproduce it accurately.
> John
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