yet another dvcs shootout (this time python-devel)

David Cournapeau david at
Fri Nov 7 10:08:17 GMT 2008

Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> Both.
> We think we know about the major causes of round trips, but data from actual
> users has a tendency to surprise developers every now and then :)

Hm, does the -Dhpps works only for pull ? I remember I tried it at some
point (long ago), but I can't see anything when using branch in my
.bzr.log, now.

Now that I think about it, I think git way of outputting progress during
network information is much better and more informative than bzr. In
particular, I don't find the bzr progress bar really informative (I
don't know what the 5 different operations are), and it takes a long
time before outputting anything at all (~ 15 s for me), which is
annoying, because you don't know if that's because of a network problem,
a wrong url, or just because bzr takes time to get information about a
valid branch). Git just count the number of objects, display it, with
the the number of bytes downloaded / remaining; this feels more
informative to me. Maybe it is just me, though :)



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