Bazaar 1.9 rc1-3 Windows installers

John Arbash Meinel john.meinel at
Wed Nov 5 22:54:03 GMT 2008

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Now that we've had round 2, time for round 3. This one fixes:

1) For some reason the QtGui4.dll was incompletely copied before. My
best guess is a ^C at just the right time, and a build process that
didn't notice it was out of date.

2) Revamped build process. I now have a single script which wipes and
creates a new in-progress dir, downloads all of the plugins I need,
grabs the exact tag version, installs it all into the in-progress
directory, and builds the installer.

This should lead to more reliable builds in the future.

3) The exact 0.9.5 release of qbzr, and the new 1.9.1 release of bzrtools.

4) I've confirmed that qbzr commands load locally, and that 'bzr log
svn/branch' also works. (I also checked that 'bzr qlog svn/branch' shows
reasonable info.)

I also tested using paramiko as the transport, though for some reason
'svn+ssh' uses a different connection. (doing bzr log bzr+ssh doesn't
require my password, but doing "bzr log svn+ssh" does.)

Anyway, I'm fairly confident in this build, and I'd love for people to
give it a shot.


PS> The icon overlays aren't working for me, but I don't know if that is
just my machine, or if that is a general problem. So feedback here would
be appreciated.

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Following the first round of feedback, I've created another all-in-one
> installer, which should be uploading now. It is
> "bzr-setup-1.9rc1-2.exe". In this installer, I should have fixed:
> 1) paramiko not being installed. (It turns out that setuptool's egg
> files are not compatible with py2exe, so you have to use "easy_install
> -Z paramiko".)
> 2) libsvn_client-1.dll not being found. It seems that our current build
> process does not find and copy these files into the installer. So I went
> ahead and did it manually, but this is something we will need to fix in
> a more permanent manner.
> 3) pyenchant is now also installed, which I believe adds spell-checking
> to qbzr (such as qcommit).
> 4) Someone mentioned missing the option to install CA certificates. I
> think this is because I'm not bundling pycurl in the 1.9 installer. So
> it would be nice if people could try the new installer with https://
> urls, just to make sure our https support still works as expected.
> Thanks to those who gave feedback already on the installer (John Whitley
> Eugene Wee, and Martin Pool specifically), and I look forward to the
> next round.
> John
> =:->
> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> We have finally created another all-in-one Windows installer, which is
>> now available to download from:
>> We would appreciate people testing this installer (bzr-setup-1.9rc1.exe)
>>  as it is the first time we have built the installer on the new shared
>> host. This should make future releases much easier to build, as putting
>> together the setup for the all-in-one installer actually requires many
>> preparation steps. (Windows dependencies are not a simple 'apt-get' away.)
>> There has been one report that the installer starts to give errors until
>> the user reboots the machine. If possible, we would rather not require a
>> reboot. So if people could test, and report if a reboot was/wasn't
>> necessary, it would be very appreciated.
>> Thanks for your assistance,
>> John
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