Is this right?

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On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 8:55 PM, Russel Winder
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> Vincent,

> To be honest all that is needed is a small announcement email on the
> email list and a note on the Lauchpad pages.  The issue is public
> information presented in places where people can find it easily.
> When I came across the problem, I went to the xmloutput page on
> Launchpad -- nothing obvious.  Neither is it obvious from the fact that
> lp protocol URL is unchanged that there is a problem.  True if you dig
> deeper then the fact appear.  The problem is that people are prone not
> to dig deeper first, they do a surface investigation and then if the
> fail, they either complain (as I did publicly) or they quietly go away
> and then ignore the technology.  This last is the worst case scenario.

I'll do this ASAP
If you think that announcement should be in other places, please let
me know and I'll post there too.

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