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I initially started this thread on Ubuntu-devel-discuss.

Now fw to bazaar ML.
Please CC me since I'm not on the List. Thanks in advance.

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Subject: Version Control
Date: Sunday 02 November 2008
From: "(``-_-´´) -- Fernando" <Ubuntu at bugabundo.net>
To: ubuntu-devel-discuss at lists.ubuntu.com

Due to some bug with kdepim and the way it corrupts its configuration on power failure (gnome-power manager wasn't hibernating my laptop on time, so I had to rebuild my Kmail configuration, accounts, transports, filters, folder tree proprieties, etc, 3 times, a real pain in the butt), I started using Bazaar to keep its settings just in case.

It seemed so nice that I made 3 bzr repos: one for /etc (I guess a simpler version of etckeeper), one for hand selected conf files on $HOME, and one for an encFS crypt personal documents dir.

Well, Olive-gtk can't really handle large amounts of documents on a branch, and there must be a memory leak somewhere on bzr add, because after adding some JPGs it starts eating all my RAM and SWAP (I have 4+8 GiBs). But then again bzr is not meant for binaries files, I guess.

The reason I'm emailing you guys and galls, is to ask if someone recommends any other Version Control System, that can suit my needs of safe guarding my confs as versioning, plus binary files.
AFAIK git aint that good, because each commit will store ALL files, and not just the updates.

Also it would be nice to see some tool result from this and be included into Jaunty. I remember reading about something called TimeMachine, but I have no idea how that is going.

Thanks for your time.

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