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>>>>> "David" == David Cournapeau <david at> writes:


David> IOW, if you use parallel branches, revno idea breaks horribly
David> IMHO, and it does not worth the simplicity it brings otherwise. I
David> would go as far as saying that that's the only point of my post
David> which is not subjective.

OK. I never worked nor depended on revno coming from the darcs-land, so
for me it's not a problem.

David> In my experience, GUI tools are nowhere near ready for any open
David> source DVCS I have used, being git, hg or bzr. This is a really
David> hard problem, I think it will take years before people really
David> understand how to do it (and implement it).


David> I would argue that for those people, git and bzr are almost as
David> complicated, because they are different from svn anyway. Without
David> a GUI, they will never use the product. I am mainly interested
David> for a DVCS for developing, and I am not interested in
David> collaborating with people who can't use the command line when I
David> am coding open source projects.

Well, for the software which we'll develop in the language where there
are not so many devs, I decided to move from darcs to bzr to make it
easier for them - I'l in the beginning serve as gatekeeper and the GUI
tool will help them (hopefully) to prepare bundles for the merge.

It's similar to migrating Windows user who are better starting with
Ubuntu and then proceeding towards some more 'cli-oriented distros'. I
wouldn't recommend Gentoo to Linux noob ;)

David> And if it is slower than svn (and bzr is slower than svn for many
David> operations on some projects I have privately converted from svn),
David> you will have a hard time pushing it for projects which use svn
David> today.

I wonder how bzr is making for MySQL...

David> I think this point won't matter much soon, at least in the open
David> source space, because you will have to know about git anyway,
David> like you have to know about svn today.

I do not know about svn except: svn co and svn up, which is enough for
my needs. Something similar I can 'learn' for git as well, like I did
for hg. :-)



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