[RFC] case sensitivity on Windows

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Oct 31 11:20:38 GMT 2008

Paul Moore пишет:
> 2008/10/31 Martin Pool <mbp at canonical.com>:
>> +def _win32_canonical_relpath(base, path):
>> +    """Return the canonical path relative to base.
>> +
>> +    Like relpath, but on case-insensitive-case-preserving file-systems, this
>> +    will return the relpath as stored on the file-system rather than
>> in the case
>> +    specified in the input string, for all existing portions of the path.
>> +
>> +    TODO: it should be possible to optimize this by using the win32 API
>> +    FindFiles function to look for the specified name - but using os.listdir()
>> +    still gives us the correct semantics in the short term.
>> +    """
> [...]
>> So this routine, as it currently stands, is not win32-specific (aside
>> from the comment), but in fact is the kind of thing we'd like to also
>> use on os x or linux case-insensitive filesystems.  So even if we're
>> not handling those cases at present, I'd name it accordingly,
>> cicp_canonical_relpath or something.  That also gets away a bit from
>> assuming the canonical relpath algorithm is determined only by the
>> platform, when in fact it seems like it may vary per tree (eg in the
>> vfat on linux case).
> Just a brief note here - I did some similar code for Mercurial, and I
> found that actually, using os.listdir plus cacheing the results (so
> that I didn't call os.listdir more than once per directory) was
> actually faster than using win32 FindFile calls.

I'm very surprised about this moment, because internally os.listdir uses
FindFile Win32 API. Perhaps this overhead added by pywin32 wrapper?

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