RFC: split-inventories design: children-of-node/path-traversal

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Oct 30 14:00:52 GMT 2008

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Robert Collins wrote:


>> So while I think "parentid,child_basename" is interesting, I think a
>> fullpath index is much more what we want. Possibly a dirblock sorted
>> fullpath index, but fullpath nonetheless.
> I think both are worth bring up far enough to compare size and baseline
> performance.
> a fileid,child_basename index is more general (because we can seek into
> it without resolving file id to full path). So children(fileid) with a
> fullpath index is done by walking the file ids to the root to get the
> full path, and then back into the fullpath index. Thats height(tree)
> overhead, compared to a direct lookup.
> -Rob

True, but why not do children(fullpath) instead? We certainly could tell
inventory entries what there path is in the current tree.

It is possible to have a problem if the parent dir moves, the child
needs to be updated, and if you are sharing objects between Inventories
then you could run into more problems.

I think it is still manageable rather than going through 'fileid' for
everything, but I certainly think you can try both if you want.

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