bzr qlog broken?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Oct 29 13:00:27 GMT 2008

Current revision in qbzr trunk is 516. Latest 2 revisions have brought changes
in qlog. Try to revert to revision 514 and see if it helps.
Then please file a bug at
I'm sure Gary will look at this.

Russel Winder пишет:
> I use "bzr qlog" in shared repositories as that is the closest thing to
> the wonder that is branch tracking in Git with Gitk.  However things
> seem to have broken this morning:
> |> bzr qlog ..
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/home/users/russel/.bazaar/plugins/qbzr/lib/", line 696,
> in load_history
>     specific_fileids = self.specific_fileids)
>   File "/home/users/russel/.bazaar/plugins/qbzr/lib/", line
> 225, in loadBranch
>     self.merge_info[merged_by][0].append(msri)
> TypeError: list indices must be integers
> I have qbzr branch updated each morning.

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