help on failing commits

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen at
Mon Oct 27 22:48:14 GMT 2008

thanks for your answer.

At the beginning, I presumed that this originated from changing 
repository versions/internal setup through the different versions of bzr.

> If you or someone else can provide a repository where this can be
> reproduced that might help.
The problem is that I still would like to keep the work confidential. I 
am versioning text documents and also internal python projects.

> I'll look at the code a bit now and see if I can see anything.  There
> are some possibilities: we're checking for it before it's written;
> there's a quirk or bug in Windows or Python we need to accommodate;
I have also seen this on Linux (on those affected repositories.)

If I can do anything apart from sending you my bzr repository, please 
tell me.

I encountered more things with the .bzr directory:

Thanks for your help & kind regards,

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