Using bzr-svn on a SVN repository with Trac

Lionel Dricot zeploum at
Sat Oct 25 11:31:54 BST 2008


I've a svn repository on an HTTP server with a Trac interface and it works

I've done a bzr branch (using svn+http because the svn requires
authentication and a known bug in bazaar prevent using direct bzr-svn with
HTTP url).

I've then commited a file and pushed the change back to the svn repository.
It works great because the svn checkout see the file perfectly. This change
is the commit 70.

The problem is Trac : Trac doesn't show anything in its timeline. In "browse
source", the new file is visible but if I try to click on it, I receive the
answer : "No changeset 70 in the repository"

That makes using bzr-svn with trac pretty annoying. Anybody has any idea on
what's going on ?


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