Import from CVS and sync

David Reitter david.reitter at
Mon Oct 20 18:07:07 BST 2008


I'm wondering if one of the experts here would be able to help us ( 
) import our CVS repository into a bazaar one, hosted on our server.   
I'd like to sync with CVS regularly (ideally both ways) so that the  
transition is going to be painless.

I've run into trouble doing this (and also filed a bug report,  
#274229).  I think we would benefit from someone who has done it  
before to figure it out.  (I have managed to import it into git on  
github and set up one-way syncing for git.)

Aquamacs is free software.  We bring Emacs to the Mac, and we've got a  
good number of users and active development.  We're not a GNU project,  
but we work closely with the GNU Emacs team.  Bazaar would not only  
help our project, but also enable us to push changes upstream to GNU  
Emacs where so desired, given that Emacs development is slowly  
switching to Bazaar.

- David
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