[bzr-svn] track specific directories only

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Sun Oct 19 21:41:09 BST 2008

[posted through gmane.org, CC'ing Jelmer]

Hi Jelmer,

Jelmer Vernooij schrieb:
> Please use "bzr branch" rather than "bzr svn-import". The latter is for
>  importing multiple branches from a SVN repository and doesn't
>   automatically determine the branching scheme from the path you
>  specify (since there's no way it can know that is a branch).

Thank you!  It works like a charm now.

Why did I refer to "bzr svn-import"?  Because that was what I found in
the documentation available.  Bzr-svn that ships with the binary Bazaar
bundle for Windows apparently has no documentation other than the
command-line help.  From the output of 'bzr help svn' ...

> Most Bazaar commands should work fine with Subversion branches. To
> create new branches in Subversion using push, it is currently necessary
> to use the svn-push command rather than the standard push command.
> bzr-svn also adds two new commands to Bazaar:
>  - bzr svn-import
>  - bzr dpush
> For more information about bzr-svn, see the bzr-svn FAQ.

I didn't realized that "Most Bazaar commands" even applies to "bzr
branch", but found "bzr svn-import".  In the bzr-svn FAQ I found another
reference to "bzr svn-import".  I think it would be nice to outline a
sample bzr-svn session somewhere in the documentation.  I'll try to
write up a little bit and will contact you off-line.

As I said, bzr-svn works fine now on plain local repositories.  However,
the real life repository in question requires authentication.  Again I
couldn't find documentation, unfortunately.  Trying

  bzr branch http://username@url.to.svn

Bazaar (or Python) returned with a sever failure:

> Invalid Http Response: Invalid http response for
> http://username@url.to.svn
> Unable to handle http code 400: expected 200 or 404 for full response.

and then printed something like a trace-back.  Scanning the net for the
error I found this bug report:


Does that mean bzr-svn cannot handle authentication, currently?  Or is
there a work-around?

>> > One of the things bzr-svn can *not* do yet, is work properly if you have
>> > one checkout that uses a subdirectory and one that doesn't. bzr-svn will
>> > make these two appear as different branches with no relationship
>> > whatsoever.
>> That is, putting two different checkouts into a shared repository
>> doesn't gain anything?
> No, that should be no problem. But merging between a checkout of
> path/to/bzr-A/manual and a checkout of path/to/bzr-A will not give the
> expected results.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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