observation about trac+bzr and bzr smart server with big repo

Russel Winder russel.winder at concertant.com
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Thanks for taking the time to think about and write about the Bazaar
store formats issue.  I think you are 100% correct in saying it is a
perception issue, but unfortunately perception (even false perception)
tends to get translated all too rapidly into "fact".

The (possibly false) perception is that Bazaar keeps changing its mind
about the storage format whereas Mercurial and Git have a stable format.

I agree completely with you that I would rather have well managed
evolution rather than "need to hack round the problems" stability, but
somewhere along the line Bazaar has attracted the reputation of
frequent, incompatible format changes and this is frightening to a not
insignificant section of the market.

I think that the situation can be turned to Bazaar's advantage but it
needs a bit of thinking, planning and marketing.
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