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Tue Oct 14 09:48:13 BST 2008

2008/10/14 Lionel Dricot <zeploum at gmail.com>

> And then, when do I use merge ? What's the difference between pull and
> merge ?
Pull is used to update your branch to the latest version in another branch.
It only works if your branch is an older version of the other one, not if
they have diverged. It copies the other branch's revision history as your
own-- the result is that often when you pull, your local branch becomes a
clone of the other one.
Merge applies the changes made in another branch to your source file
directory. It doesn't require your branch to be an older version of the
other, though automatic merging requires that the branches be related in
some way. It does not affect revision history, and combines your changes
with the other branch's changes, usually producing a new tree state that has
never existed before.


I think we need to add a "What is the difference between pull and update?"

this might help too:

> PS : thanks a lot for your answer, it's really helpful !
glad to hear that.

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