A not so idle thought

Talden talden at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 21:12:19 BST 2008

>> Local lightweight checkouts can also be a useful tool for very quick
>> experiments.

> I never got used to these. Surely the fact that commits happen against
> the master means that they are *not* useful unless you are happy to do
> your whole experiment without committing?

   master/       (tree-less mirror of master branch)
   b1/           (tree-less local branch of master)

.../somewhere/else/b1   (lightweight checkout of .../sharedrepo/b1)

Yes your commits on the checkout go directly to the branch, but that
is your branch still.  You have a single working-tree, a single repo
of revisions and still have your own local branch.

You can look for new revisions on the master and merge or pull them
into your branch as needed.  Your commits go to your branch, yet you
working tree doesn't need to be in the same location as your repo.

Hopefully that makes some sense.


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