case sensitivity on Windows

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Fri Oct 10 09:19:40 BST 2008

Mark Hammond пишет:
> Thanks for the feeback John,

>> One possibility would be to have the behavior:
>> % bzr st
>> renamed:
>>   Foo => foo
>> modified:
>>   foo
>> So we automatically detect the rename.
> My point is that on Windows, this is *not* a "rename" in a practical sense.  The same name used in the past can still be used on the new name, where that isn't true of a "real" rename.  ie, just because some editor changed the case of a file, no other windows program would be affected, so bzr should not either.

IMO it should be tracked as rename. Although it's not truly rename, but it is for bzr.

And I can change filename case in the command-line without problems:

C:\Temp\case>echo > foo

C:\Temp\case>dir /b

C:\Temp\case>ren foo Foo

C:\Temp\case>dir /b

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