CVS migration help

Michael Haggerty mhagger at
Tue Oct 7 08:36:24 BST 2008

Thomas Manson wrote:
> Has someone ever convert from cvs to bazaar ?
> I've now tryed fast import...
> Documentation says : 
>     bzr init-repo .
>     front-end | bzr fast-import -
> as front-end, there is cvs2svn...
> But cvs2svn doesn't have an option to put the conversion on the output.
> so i've tryed the following :

There is no need for cvs2svn to write the conversion to its output.  You
can have cvs2svn write the output to files, then import the files into
bzr using something like

    bzr fast-import <my-dump-filename

But to use cvs2svn to convert to bzr, you need to follow the
instructions for converting to git [1].  The dumpfile created with the
--dumpfile option is an SVN dumpfile that bzr won't understand.

As for the problems that you have been having with filename encodings,
it should be possible to have cvs2svn handle them by setting one or more
filename decoders by setting them within the ctx.cvs_filename_decoder
option in your options file.  See cvs2svn-example.options and
test-data/main-cvsrepos/cvs2svn-git-inline.options for more information.
 The decoder that you need here is the one that your filesystem uses.

If you need more help with cvs2svn, please CC your emails to
users at (as I have with this email).



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