bazaar for documents -- facets

Rustom Mody rustompmody at
Mon Oct 6 15:17:26 BST 2008

Bazaar is used mainly for source code versioning.  I was wondering if
it could also be of use for managing documents.

The differences I see are:
1. A document is likely to be much simpler than a code project  -- 1
single file would be quite natural
2. Sharing history of multiple documents may or may not be meaningful
3. Facets

A facet is like a revision/version but is in a sense orthogonal.  For
example one may want to maintain print and web facets of a document.

Or a salesperson wanting to make a pitch to a customer may wish to
take a ready template for the product and tailor it to a particular
customer.  A close approx to the need for facets in the software dev
world is when a software needs to be packaged for two or more OSes.

The key difference between a facet and a version is that versions are
intended to be merged into a final single product, whereas a facet is
intended to be different from other facets throughout its lifetime.
The key requirement for this is that one needs to be able to commit
into internal (non-tip) branches. ie if I have an original doc O with
two versions for customer Alice and Ben:


If I change the A tip then only the Alice version changes
Likewise for B and Ben
But I may also want to change O and have the changes available for
Alice, Ben and all other yet to be made facets.

So I was wondering:
Considering that bazaar tries quite hard to be amenable to multiple
workflows, is something like facets already available maybe under some
other name?

Alternatively how easy is it to push a commit into a non-tip node?

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