Commands provided by a plugin [was: Re: Bzr plugins *must* die!]

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at
Wed Sep 24 21:19:44 BST 2008

Joseph Wakeling wrote:
> Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
>> IWBNI there were a way to list the commands provided by a given
>> plugin...
> Like bzr help commands | grep bzrtools
>      bzr help commands | grep qbzr
> ... etc.? :-)

That isn't very useful if any of the commands' descriptions wrap to two

$ bzr help commands | grep bzrtools
link-tree            Hardlink matching files to another tree. [bzrtools]
patch                Apply a named patch to the current tree. [bzrtools]
                     also shelve. [bzrtools]

I guess "ack-grep -C 1 bzrtools" would work, but it wouldn't be very pretty.

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