Resolving a content conflict

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It did not leave a file x.y in the appropriate directory. Only the base,
this, other set.


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"Paul Schauble" <Paul.Schauble at> writes:

> The section on content conflicts in the Bazaar reference is very
> confusing.
> After an update, I had a conflict on file x.y.  Bazaar created three
> files, x.y.base, x.y.this, and x.y.other.

It also, you'll note, left the file 'x.y', with altered content to
indicate where the conflicts occur.

> bzr: ERROR: Could not rename x.y.this => x.y: x.y.this is not
> I give up. What should I have done?

You should make the original file 'x.y' contain the content you want;
that is, take pieces from each of 'x.y.BASE', 'x.y.THIS', 'x.y.OTHER'
as appropriate and make your chosen rendition of 'x.y'.

If one of those three is entirely what you want for 'x.y', you can
simply copy it to 'x.y'.

Regardless, Bazaar will observe that *altered content* of 'x.y' as a
change made by you for the merge. Once you've resolved the conflict,
'bzr resolve x.y' will tell Bazaar this, and it will remove the
'x.y.{BASE,THIS,OTHER}' files.

When all the conflicts are resolved, you 'bzr commit' the changes,
which will include the merge and your manual alterations to the files.

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