QBzr 0.9.4 released

Russel Winder russel.winder at concertant.com
Mon Sep 22 08:10:04 BST 2008


On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 09:16 +0300, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Russel Winder пишет:
> > In the bzr-gtk plugin there are the various bzr commands that put up
> > frames, but there is also olive-gtk (also Nautilus integration) which
> > acts as a GUI wrapper front end.  Does QBzr have an equivalent wrapper
> > front end or does it only have the bzr commands.
> Yes and no.
> There is unfinished qbzr application (equivalent to Olive), but it's
> really unfinished and not recommended to use.

OK, a pity I think, but it is all down to needing volunteers to finish
it off I guess -- unfortunately I cannot be that volunteer.
> From other side, there is TortoiseBzr that used QBzr as GUI.

As a fully signed up Windows non-owner and non-user, I doubt I will ever
be using TortoiseBzr, but it is 100% clear that it will be the most used
UI for Bazaar -- even if most people use command line now, once Bazaar
becomes really mainstream TortoiseBzr will be the main way people use
it.  It is therefore arguably the most important part of Bazaar. (Though
of course the internal engine is the other most important part of
Bazaar :-)

> So qbzr developers concentrating on improving q-commands, not qbzr application.

Clearly a choice for the team actually doing the work.   I wonder though
if the mix of command line and frames is going to be the most used way
of working -- it clearly is at the moment because the people developing
the tools are using it.  However, when Bazaar is fully mainstream I
would expect command line use to become the minority use.  I would
anticipate Olive-GTK/Nautilus/TortoiseBzr use to dominate by a long,
long way.  This is most particularly true when Bazaar is being used by
non-programmers, and this will likely be the majority use even though
Bazaar was initially developed for software development.

Experience with using Subversion as a general repository in small
companies indicates that TortoiseSvn and RapidSvn account for 99.9% of
use because most people doing the using are not high-skill programmers,
and they are afraid of the command line -- even the intelligent ones.
Without an GUI equivalent, Bazaar has no chance of gaining serious
market share.  TortoiseBzr is clearly the main thrust, but I think
Olive-GTK and the QBzr equivalent will have a strong role.

Just some thoughts.
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