Need Fedora Packagers

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Thu Sep 18 18:18:55 BST 2008

Hey Bazaar users and developers,

If there are any Fedora users besides me on this list with a bit of free
time I'd love to see more bzr related packages make their way into
Fedora.  At the moment, I'm maintaining packages for bzr, bzrtools, one
of the trac-bazaar branches, and bzr-gtk.  There's a whole world of
other useful plugins and tools that could be added (qbzr, the new
loggerhead, bzr-bisect, etc) but it takes people time to package them,
review them, track upstreams that only make changes in version control
but don't make releases, and other such problems.

I don't have that time :-(  If you do, I can help get you settled into
the world of creating and building packages for Fedora,reviewing your
packages, sponsoring you and others, and building a community of
bzr-on-Fedora users.

Feel free to contact me via email or pinging me on (I'm
abadger1999).  I'm present in #bzr and #fedora-devel.


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