Using version-info data with multi-branch packaging workflow

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Sat Sep 13 02:18:15 BST 2008

John Arbash Meinel <john at> writes:

> ...
> > How should I automatically trigger the generation of the
> > 'foo/' file? It will be used in many places
> > throughout the code base, including in '', so it needs to
> > be generated ideally on every commit.
> You *could* do this with a "post-branch-tip-changed" hook. Also
> realize that not just commit, but also pull and uncommit probably
> need to regenerate this file.

Okay. I've never written a hook before, so I don't know how to invoke
'bzr version-info --format=python >' from a hook.

Will a hook need to exist on every client that runs Bazaar? My
understanding is that Bazaar doesn't yet have hooks that follow the
branch around.

> You *could* have 'make' always build the file, but then it always
> has to re-link the final output (because a build product changed). I
> guess you could [overwrite the version module only if it's different
> from the existing one]

Thanks, for now I'll just regenerate it each time.

> > How can I ensure that the generated 'foo/' file is
> > *not* generated in a branch such as 'foo.debian/'? That branch
> > should use the "upstream" version-info output, not the info
> > relating to the Debian-packaging-specific branch.
> For packaging Bazaar, we just went with using tarballs. bzr-builddeb
> can handle packaging a tarball just fine (you just don't use
> --export-upstream).

If you don't use 'bzr-buildpackage --export-upstream', you then need
to manually generate the upstream source tarball. How is that done in
the Bazaar build workflow?

> Alternatively, you could work with James Westby to consider how to
> get bzr-builddeb to allow extra files to be included in the final
> exported tarball. (It may mean hacking bzr itself to change how the
> 'bzr export' command works.)

Thanks, that's an approach to be kept in reserve.

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