using bazaar to backup files over a LAN

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Tue Sep 9 17:27:15 BST 2008

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Rahul Nabar wrote:


> Can I do this at root dir level instead?  That way I can version
> config-files , make-files etc. from various locations (/etc /opt and
> so on) from a single repo. Something like:
> SERVER1$ bzr init-repo --no-trees /srv/server2
> SERVER1$ bzr init /srv/server2/
> SERVER2$ cd /
> SERVER2$ bzr checkout bzr+ssh://server1/srv/server2/
> SERVER2$ echo '*' > /.bzrignore
> SERVER2$ bzr add /etc/foofile /var/lib/barfile
> SERVER2$ bzr commit -m "Added important files"  /etc/foofile /var/lib/barfile
> Any pitfalls/ blunders in the above "conversation"? I am aware that
> bzr add * will no longer work on entire dirs and I will be forced to
> add each set of files I want to version individually.
> Also, the ssh connection will work even if the passwordless logins are
> *disabled*, right? We require a password for jumping from SERVER2 to
> SERVER1 for security purposes.

I don't see a specific reason why it wouldn't work. Though the same
caveats (permissions aren't directly tracked, etc) still apply.

'passwordless logins are disabled'? So you have to supply a password? As
long as you can do 'ssh SERVER1' then things should be fine.

>> If the network is *really* good, you could even change that to "bzr checkout
>> - --lightweight", which will only keep enough information to manage what files
>> are versioned, and everything else will reside on SERVER1.
> Let's say I lose both the versioned files and the bazaar files on
> server2 (not backed up) will I still be able to regenerate from the
> info on server1 (backed up)?

If you use a plain "bzr co bzr+ssh://server1..." then everything
committed on server2 will be stored on server1. So if server2 completely
dies, you should still have everything (committed) on server1.

>> The other thing is you may want to play with "bzr ignore" in case you don't
>> want to version specific files. Personally, I set up my etc by ignoring a few
>> files and then adding almost everything.
> I was thinking of having a * in my .bzrignore and only manually adding
> each file I wanted versioned by a bzr add foofile; bzr commit foofile.
> Oh, my .bzrignore can lie at the / of SERVER2, right? Or on server1?

.bzrignore is always at the root of the working tree, so if you are
versioning from '/' then it will always be there.

> Plus a crontab hack for a automatic daily update of whatever has
> changed from amongst the versioned files:
> /usr/bin/bzr commit -m "bzr cron automated daily commit" ~/  2>&1  |
> mail -s "bzr cron automated commit" "foo at"

That may work, but I don't see how you get around the "requiring a
password for security reasons".

The way I would do automated work is by having an ssh key allowed from
server2 => server1 (possibly restricted). You can give it a password,
but then also run an ssh-agent. So when the machine boots, you have to
load the ssh key into the agent, before the cron script can run


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