A rather redundant message?

David Ingamells david.ingamells at mapscape.eu
Thu Sep 4 07:01:25 BST 2008

I'm not suggesting anyone fix it , I just find the message when I run 
'bzr upgrade' on an old-format repos funny! It asks you to do what 
you're already doing!

$ bzr upgrade
Format <RepositoryFormatKnit1> for 
file:///home/CmsRoot/repos/Prototypes/.bzr/ is deprecated - please use 
'bzr upgrade' to get better performance

BTW: I'm very happy with the improvements in 1.6(.1). Once Andrew B. has 
fixed the problem with bzr cat when using bzr+ssh:// I'll be a pig in 
clover! (But I won't be doing anything unnatural with candycanes!)

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