1.7 dates and requests

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Aug 29 20:45:53 BST 2008

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So, I'd like to discuss our plans for 1.7 again.

As we all know, the 1.6 release process dragged on extra long, and I really
want to get back to time based releases. However, since we ended up with
1.6rc5, and will still get a 1.6.1, I'm considering pushing back the 1.7
release dates by a week.

The dates as they stand are:
  	freeze	25 Aug
	1.7rc1	 2 Sept (1 Sept is Labor day in US)
	1.7	 8 Sept

Which means we should already be in feature freeze, and next Tuesday 1.7rc1
would land. But as I just released 1.6.1rc1 *today*, I'm thinking to bump
those back a week.

So the new dates would be:

	freeze	2 Sept
	1.7rc1	8 Sept
	1.7	15 Sept

What do people think?

At the moment, the most pressing thing for 1.7 is just to get reviews done,
and for people to actually merge the patches that have been approved. At the
moment we have 40 "Pending Merges" in Bundle Buggy, which is a bit crazy. I
know Martin and Andrew have been gone, and even Aaron was gone for some of
this time.

To encourage reviewers, patches that are in the BB queue *before freeze* will
have a high chance of being allowed in after freeze.

Once feature freeze hits, I really do plan on having a week of bugs-only
fixes. As mentioned early on, I'll probably try to organize at least one day
to be an official "bugs" day, where I'll poke at people on IRC to triage and
post fixes for bugs. The best day for that seems to be Wed or Thurs US time.

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