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On Tue, 2008-08-26 at 08:15 -0500, John Arbash Meinel wrote:

> If you are pushing to "bzr+ssh://..." I believe you need:
> [bzr+ssh://person@host/home/Bazaar/...]

It really is unclear to me what should be in the header and from whose
perspective.  The server has access to the branch directly on the
filestore hence using /home/Bazaar/AGroovyIntroductionToJava.  Putting
protocol and server URL implies that the server configuration is
actually from the perspective of the user -- which to be honest seems
wrong as you have to be prescient about how the user will access the

> Though I'm a little unclear what host you are pushing from and what host you
> are hosting the branch, etc.

The server is self standing and separate and people are accessing with
SSH access to the filestore.

> Also, at least the default email plugin only sends a notification on "commit"
> not on every push. However, I think someone has a branch that sends an email
> any time the branch tip changes.

Sounds like the bzr-email plugin is assuming that the branch is checkout
out by the user and not just branched, i.e. Subversion model central
repository is being assumed.  I would have thought that commit in this
sense should mean any write access to the branch, not just specific use
of commit.

But I may be misunderstanding things...
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