[qbzr] Icons for qbzr-eclipse plug-in

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Aug 21 11:04:35 BST 2008

> obtain some icons for free (that would have no licensing problems).

Funny you should ask :)  Just yesterday, for a brief moment I thought the
TSVN icons were not under the GPL, so a quick google found a few GPL'd icon
sets - most notably the "Crystal" set
(http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Clear gives you a good idea of
the icons available, but the actual downloadable sets has even more.)

> I also looked at TortoiseSVN but I don't think their icons look
> particularly informative and they also miss operations like push and
> pull.

For TBZR, I've chosen (as much for the sake of expediency as anything) to
use the TSVN icons for the equivalent comment in TBZR, and would love to
know what you come up with for those commands svn doesn't have.  FWIW, In
TBZR these icons only (currently) appear on the menus, so the number of
pixels limits the information I can hope to convey with just the icon...



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