Loggerhead 1.6 Released!

Nicholas Allen allen at ableton.com
Tue Aug 19 14:40:46 BST 2008

Martin Albisetti wrote:
> I can understand why this is confusing. Do you have any ideas on how
> we can change this?

Could the link not just take you to the section which has the changes
for that file are (on the same page)? That's how Loggerhead used to
work. I would also like an option where one could open the changes to a
file in a separate page and see the entire contents of the file and how
it was modified. This is useful if the number of lines shown around the
change are not enough to get the full context.
> This is a tricky one, since it means we have to change the structure
> of the HTML.
> It can be done, it's just a lot of work. Could you file a bug requesting this?


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