email-send with server side plugin available

Viktor Nagy viktor.nagy at
Tue Aug 19 09:19:17 BST 2008


Yesterday, I've extended the code of the bzr-email plugin to use the
post_change_branch_tip hook introduced in 1.6. This way there is no
need to have a plugin installed on every client as the smart server
can run plugins as well. [1]

Still there are some differences wrt the original bzr-email. First of
all, the if you use this plugin on your desktop client/server then you
will receive two messages on commit. One from the original bzr-email
post_commit hook and one from the new post_change_branch_tip hook.
Second, the tip changes for uncommit, push, pull, (etc?) as well, not
only for a commit. Right now the plugin doesn't make a difference and
sends the email at every change.

I've proposed the code for merging, but while it gets reviewed you can
access it at


The main part of the message is finished, but as this is my first
(hopefully) meaningful email I will try to introduce myself quickly.

I am a PhD student in economics and a hobby programmer (amazed by the
simplicity of django and the complexity of bzr) who is trying to build
a tool to help scientific collaboration. I got to know Bazaar in
search for the most suitable version control system for my idea, and
since 17 days now (since when post_change_branch_tip hooks can call a
server-side plugin) I think Bazaar is the right one. Thanks, Andrew!

Have a nice day!

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