Can we get a recursive log?

Colin D Bennett colin at
Mon Aug 18 14:28:14 BST 2008

On Thu, 14 Aug 2008 08:58:58 +1200
Talden <talden at> wrote:

> >> | I regularly use "bzr log" to see recent revisions and "bzr log
> >> | somefile" to see revisions in which that file has changed.
> >> |
> >> | However in Subversion I also regularly do "svn log
> >> somedirectory" to | see in which revisions that directory
> >> _or_it's_contents_ were changed. |
> >> | Getting this 'recursive log' is non-obvious to me in Bazaar.  Is
> >> there | a straight-forward means to listing all the revisions in
> >> which changes | were made to any file or directory under
> >> 'somedirectory'?
> > It would be possible, but computationally expensive with the current
> > recorded data.
> On the upside, it's not just me doing a virtual demonstration of
> domestic blindness - the feature's actually missing.
> On the downside, the feature's actually missing.
> Computationally expensive or not, it is massively useful

Another vote for the recursive log feature!  I've tried 'bzr log
somedir' many times expecting to be able to see a log of only revisions
affecting files under the 'somedir' directory.  (I guess I
was used to Subversion's log feature.)  Obviously I did not get the
results I was expecting.


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