migrating from clearcase

Guido Ostkamp bazaar at ostkamp.fastmail.fm
Sun Aug 17 08:58:42 BST 2008

C. Mundi <cmundi <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I've read about bzr fast import and googled every way I could think of. 
Somebody must have faced this situation before.We have to revive an abandoned
project stored in clearcase.   Our clearcase greybeard left when the project was
closed down.  Some of us know just enough to be dangerous.  Has anyone here
successfully migrated a clearcase vob to a bzr repo?  We ned to preserve as much
of the rev history as possible, not just import a snapshot.  Any ideas?  thx,cm

If you want to write some tool, you can find some ideas here:
This was originally written for Mercurial, but applies to bazaar as well if you
change the commands.

Furthermore there seem to exist some methods to convert from ClearCase to SVN
(Subversion), e.g. <http://www.unix-girl.com/cc2svn>.

If you manage to convert to SVN first, you should be able to convert from SVN to
bazaar later.



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