Smart server plans for 1.7: effort tests, single RPC for branch opening, server-side autopacking.

Tim Penhey tim at
Sun Aug 10 02:18:27 BST 2008

On Thursday 07 August 2008 08:32:13 Talden wrote:
> >  * server-side autopacking.  I previously sent a hackish (and buggy)
> > patch as an RFC; I think it shouldn't be too hard to polish this.  It's
> > an interim solution (long term a single "Repository.insert_revisions"
> > verb would be better than manipulating pack files directly), but it's a
> > cheap improvement.
> This is a big one for me...
> We've got a plan to move from CVS to Subversion and with all the
> scripting for migration, reorganisation and testing I used bazaar to
> track my own work - and as a subversive little side-effect had two of
> the dev managers using it to track and contribute to my work... They
> loved it until, on a slow link from home they start seeing 1-5KB
> commits back to the server from checkouts (over bzr://...) producing
> 15-30minute repacking on the server (which, with no progress
> indication results in "It's hung... CTRL-C" responses from these
> users).

I have to agree here too.  Server side auto-pack seems like a
no brainer addition.

Please can we have this for 1.7.

/me will hand spiv a beer on completion.


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