[ANNOUNCE] bzr-svn 0.4.11rc1

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Sat Aug 9 04:21:47 BST 2008

I'm happy to announce the first release candidate for version 0.4.11 of
bzr-svn. This is a major release, probably the largest of bzr-svn to
date. It addresses half of all the currently open bugs in bzr-svn
(including incomplete and wishlist bugs), makes it easier to install and
improves the number of bzr commands that can be run against Subversion

This release was the first to receive a significant amount of
contributions from other people than myself. Thanks to everybody who
contributed! A full list of contributors can be found in AUTHORS and the
bzr-svn revision history.

bzr-svn now no longer requires a patched version of Subversion; it'll
just work with any copy of the Subversion library since 1.4.0.

The full list of changes since 0.4.10 is:


   * bzr-svn now comes with its own Python bindings for the Subversion 
     libraries, removing the need for a unreleased version of Subversion
     improving performance.

     It does however mean the extensions have to be built. This
     the Subversion development libraries and should be possible by 
     simply running ``make`` from the plugin directory. 

	 This fixes some existing bzr-svn related bugs caused by

     * KeyboardInterrupts are now no longer swallowed.  (#242217)

     * Crash bug trying to access sites that use self-signed

     * Username and password prompting will now always work.

   * The "svn+https://..." syntax has been deprecated. It still works in
     current release but will be removed in the future. If you are
unable to 
	 get a repository to work without the svn+ prefix, please file a bug.

   * Add new "dpush" command that works similar to git-svn's dcommit.

   * Support proper Bazaar tags. (#81102)

   * Set mergeinfo properties when pushing merges. (write part of

   * Basic (experimental) support for stacked branches. Not very
     efficient at the moment because of certain assumptions in the 
	 stacking implementation.

   * Avoid reopening connections to branch and repository when finding 
     branches. (#243749)

   * Show Subversion revision numbers in log output. (#161830)

   * Extend "bzr help svn".

   * Warn when trying to clone a repository root as a branch. (#244638)

   * Much faster Repository.get_revision_delta(). (#127030)

   * Support bzr push --overwrite. (#118787)

   * Support bzr uncommit.

   * Support bzr sign-my-commits. (Requires revision properties in the 
	 Subversion repository to be mutable)

   * Support pushing merged revisions. To enable, set 
     ``push_merged_revisions = True'' in the repository config.


   * Now uses absolute imports and no longer adds plugin directory to
     system path.

   * More efficient use of mutter.

   * Remember parent branch correctly during sprout. (#237174)

   * Raise appropriate errors when using annotate.

   * Fix compatibility with Bazaar 1.6.

   * Fix case insensitive handling of paths in 
     CachingLogWalker.find_latest_change(). (#233964)

   * Fix compatibility with newer versions of Subversion. (#229419)

   * Deal with parent branch changing name in Repository.iter_changes().

   * Fix ability to use bzr-svn with disabling cache.

   * Fix use of unicode characters in filenames in working trees.

   * Fix use of unicode characters in filenames when committing.

   * Fix modifying branching scheme from the command-line. (#230529)

   * Cope with kind changes better. (#191576)

   * Fix dealing with strange remove during replace operation. (#232196)

   * Deal with missing branches/tags directories when using webdav.

   * Remove endless loop in logwalker. (#235776)

   * Convert redirect requests received from Subversion. (#229848)

   * New function for finding path children that's faster and more

   * Support cloning bzr-svn branches (will clone to rich-root-pack).

   * Fix inconsistent revision iteration when branches' parents were
moved but 
     not changed. (#237901)

   * Avoid assumption that a revision can only occur in one branch.

   * Several fixes for dealing with non-acii characters. (#128496)

   * Re-use RA connections as much as possible. bzr-svn should in
general now 
     have no more than 2 TCP/IP connections to the same Subversion
     open at the same time. (#183824)

   * Cope with files that are special files but not symlinks. (#245788)

   * Deliver encoded paths in URLs to Subversion in switch() and
     functions. (#248892)

   * Lazily connect to repository when opening working copies. (#250706)

   * Stricter checking of special files for links. (#219832)

   * Avoid showing backtrace for RA_DAV_REQUEST_FAILED errors, since 
     they may be raised in other situations than when a bug is hit.

   * Fixed http exception during expensive log -v. (#94316)

   * Preserve individual text revision ids correctly when
round-tripping. (#250480)

The tarball can be found at:


A GPG signature, made with my key, can be found at:


Please file bugs in Launchpad, so they can be fixed before the final


If there are particular bugs or regressions you think should be fixed
before the final release, please let me know.

I hope to release the final version of 0.4.11 somewhere around the 24th.



Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at samba.org> - http://samba.org/~jelmer/
Jabber: jelmer at jabber.fsfe.org
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