do you know enough about what (other) Bazaar developers are doing?

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Thu Aug 7 00:15:49 BST 2008

John Arbash Meinel <john at> writes:

> Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> | Martin Pool writes:
> |  > I particularly notice lack of trimming in code reviews.  Is that what
> |  > you had in mind?
> |
> | It seems more prevalent in code review threads, yes, but I'm not
> | referring to cases where the whole patch is quoted. More where
> | people often leave gobs of previous commentary in as well. It's
> | especially noticable when somebody quotes an entire /reply/ to a
> | patch and ends with
> |
> | bb:approve
> | Robert
> Well, would a top post be better?

No, because that still leaves the reader not knowing what may have
been written by the message author *after* all the quoted material.

Best is to trim *most* of the quoted material, leaving a small amount
of context to show what the current message is responding to.

> I can try to be a better netizen, but I'm not sure how much trimming
> really helps.

It helps maintain the balance between time needed to read the new
material that the current message is intended to convey, and having
context enough to understand that new material. It's an important
skill in text-message discussions.

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