do you know enough about what (other) Bazaar developers are doing?

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 6 06:14:55 BST 2008

I've set up a Mailman topic "codereview", and people can use this to
opt out of getting review related mail.  (Or, if you want, to get only
code reviews, but that would look a bit strange.)

Messages will be classified into this topic if they have either
[merge] or [codereview] in the Subject, or in a Keywords header, or in
a pseudoheader in the top 5 lines of the message body.

I have to say that the interface through which users can configure
this is not so obvious and people who want it may not find it.  But,
it's there and we can see how it goes.

If anyone wants to try it out: go to
<>, enter your address,
and scroll to the bottom of the resulting page.  If it doesn't work as
intended please let me know.

Martin <>

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