[MERGE] Implement the oft-discussed automatic-add-and-delete at commit time.

Talden talden at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 22:12:45 BST 2008

>> > This fixes bug 5158; its been talked about for way too long - so here's
>> > a patch to do it. This may break some history converters that were slack
>> > about deletes, but I don't think so. The largest problem I anticipate is
>> > surprising users - perhaps there is doco to update that I missed as
>> > well?
>> Am I correctly understanding that this patch takes away the ability to
>> have auto-delete without auto-add?
>> If so, DO NOT WANT.
> Seconded.
> Automatic delete implying automatic add will irritate many users, myself
> included.

I'd be doing the opposite.  Having missing files listed as missing and
adding an option to commit to --remove-missing.  Users who like
auto-delete can use an alias.  Similarly I'd add --add-unknown so that
users wanting auto-add can have that too via an alias. Personal
preference could set defaults in addition to the alias if that's

I certainly wouldn't be making auto-add the default though for the
same reasons mentioned - that build processes and editing processes
often produce garbage files.


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