Merges not showing up in Qbzr 0.9.2-1

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Aug 5 16:02:58 BST 2008

Joseph Wakeling пишет:
>> I saw similar problem with my branch that was rebased. But after several
>> commits this problem disappeared. Can you check your branch -- does it have
>> rebased revisions around merge or branch point?
> I don't think there are any rebases.  It's not even a very big project
> yet -- 29 commits in the leftmost branch, probably half-a-dozen more
> that were merged in.
> I tried making several more commits as per your suggestion but nothing
> changed. :-(

I just tried again with my branch. First merge was at revno.33 and it
was not shown. I pull from trunk revisions one by one and nothing happens
until I've reached revno.39 that also has merge. From this point everything
works OK. Just more details about this bug.

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