clean-tree in bzr core?

Gary Wilson Jr. gary.wilson at
Mon Aug 4 23:08:59 BST 2008

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> I think it would be fine to bring in. I'm curious how other people would use
> it, and how you feel it would be appropriate for a generic project, rather
> than its current fairly bzr-specific implementation.

I tend to use a working directory for lightweight checkouts of branches, 
and when I want to checkout a new branch to the working directory I do:

rm working/.bzr -rf
bzr branch new-feature working
cd working
bzr resolve --all
bzr clean-tree

(If there is a better way of doing the above, please do tell.)  I wasn't 
aware that clean wasn't core already, so I'd have no problems with it 
moving.  That said, I do think I would rather the command be just 
"clean" as I usually forget the "-tree" the first time around.


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