Misusing Bazaar for Data Backup

Moritz Bartl m.bartl at wiredwings.com
Sun Aug 3 17:40:03 BST 2008

Hallo Robert,

Thank you for your quick reply. I was afraid to be told to give up on 
the approach. :-)

> bzr shouldn't be statting all your files, only the individual ones; if
> it is statting everything thats a bug. If it shows 'scanning..' that
> simply because that phase of the commit still has to happen.

It says "Collecting changes" for thousands of directories.

D:\testing2>bzr commit data\200MB.test -m "test"
Committing to: D:/testing2/
[======                          ] Collecting changes [Directory 2] - 
Stage 1/5

It doesn't take THAT long (a few seconds), but still long enough to 
wonder if it's really necessary. Even if I repeatedly run that command 
on the same file, it always "collects changes" first.
Background: If I monitor every change in the file system and immediately 
commit them, I want the command to execute as fast as possible (ie. 
without scanning the directories).


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