Weird bug

Scott Scriven bzr at
Sat Aug 2 10:48:57 BST 2008

* Nicholas Allen <nick.allen at> wrote:
> a truecrypt FAT file system ...
> I have 2 files called "TODO" ...
> Conflict adding file pace/todo.  Moved existing file to pace/TODO.moved.
> Conflict adding file pace_tests/TODO.  Moved existing file to pace_tests/todo.moved.
> bzr: ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

That's not a bzr bug.  That's a FAT filesystem flaw.

FAT is not truly case-sensitive, so you can't store two files 
which differ only in capitalization.  The driver tries to emulate  
case sensitivity with various heuristics (which you can choose by 
editing the mount options), but there are still times when it can 
be a problem.  For details, look for "shortname" in the output of 
"man mount".

-- Scott

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