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John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Jul 31 02:30:45 BST 2008

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Mark Hammond wrote:
|> | * If we choose 'search for ssh, fallback to paramiko', the person who
|> uses pageant to manage their keys but also has ssh.exe on their path
|> will need to set BZR_SSH=paramiko (or plink), else they will see a
|> cryptic error message ("ERROR: Connection closed...") and the operation
|> will fail.
|> |
|> I think this is an extremely minority case. Why would you have ssh.exe
|> on your path and use pageant? You have to work hard to install it and
|> set it into your PATH. It isn't like it happens in a default install.
| Actually, I didn't need to work hard at all - cygwin makes it quite
easy :)  I was also chatting to a user on #bzr who *does* have ssh.exe
on his path, but it is a copy of plink.exe - which he seemed to think
was a fairly common.  'ssh.exe' could really be *anything*.
| But at the end of the day, it does come down to my opinion "not at all
uncommon" versus yours "uncommon" and whether the average windows user
will be able to determine what is wrong when it doesn't work for them.
While I believe that I've got significant experience with Windows
developers and development, I clearly can't prove my assertion.  So in
the absence of any other support for this, I'll revert my ssh related
change and let time tell us who was correct :)
| Cheers,
| Mark

But cygwin doesn't put itself in my path unless I do it manually (unless
there is now an option to do so that I missed).

And $HOME == C:\Users\jameinel unless I'm in a cygwin shell when it is

So paramiko won't find my keys, but ssh.exe *will*. (because I've
manually added cygwin\bin to my path.)


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