Is there a hosted version of bzr for closed source?

Jason Earl jearl at
Mon Jul 28 17:28:43 BST 2008

"Patrick van der Velde" <petrikvandervelde at> writes:

> Hello All
> For the last few weeks I've been playing around with Bazaar and I'm
> very happy with the way it lets me work. I now want to start using
> Bazaar for some of my bigger (non-open source) projects. For that I
> would also like to have a hosted repository for backup purposes. At
> the moment I'm doing my own backups to a separate HDD which works fine
> but I'd prefer a hosted repository somewhere. I do have a hosted SVN
> repository so I could possibly use bzr+svn to push changes into that
> but I'd prefer a hosted bzr if that's available.
> So does anybody know of a hosted bzr. Preferably one that doesn't
> require code to be open source (like launchpad).

One of the many advantages of bzr is that it works just fine without any
sort of special dedicated server.  Since you can push to bzr
repositories via ftp, sftp, and ssh, you really don't need anything more
than a cheap hosting account.


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