Is there a hosted version of bzr for closed source?

Patrick van der Velde petrikvandervelde at
Sun Jul 27 01:34:52 BST 2008

Hello All

For the last few weeks I've been playing around with Bazaar and I'm
very happy with the way it lets me work. I now want to start using
Bazaar for some of my bigger (non-open source) projects. For that I
would also like to have a hosted repository for backup purposes. At
the moment I'm doing my own backups to a separate HDD which works fine
but I'd prefer a hosted repository somewhere. I do have a hosted SVN
repository so I could possibly use bzr+svn to push changes into that
but I'd prefer a hosted bzr if that's available.

So does anybody know of a hosted bzr. Preferably one that doesn't
require code to be open source (like launchpad).

Thanks heaps


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