[MERGE] whitespace normalization

Marius Kruger amanic at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 07:30:09 BST 2008

this sort of thing bugged me too when I started working on bzr,
but I've adapted. Specifically `bzr diff --check-style` helps.

2008/7/25 Gary Wilson Jr. <gary.wilson at gmail.com>:

> Colin D Bennett wrote:
>> Perhaps for projects just starting out, implementing a Bazaar pre-commit
>> hook to re-indent all files before being committed would be nice.  This
>> way things would just stay consistent.  However, for Bazaar, we have a
>> lot of code and lots of people working on stuff, upon whom we don't
>> want to cast undue merge pain.
> Merging pain could be avoided if all bzr branch authors picked a day and
> ran a trailing-whitespace-removal tool on all their branches :)

I suggested this back in 2006 :)

in Aaron's response:
He mentions that we might be able to add tests to check that we never add
more trailing white space.
I never got round to writing that test though.

> Or what about something like a merge --no-eol-space option that removed
> trailing whitespace from both sides of the merge for every file involved in
> the merge?  Seems that could stop the eol-white-space-only conflicts before
> they have a chance to meet and would clean things up as files get committed.

I also thought that this might be a neat solution too, which should be
fairly easy to write once Ian's end of line handling is complete.

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