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Mon Jul 21 09:08:46 BST 2008

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The current help for stacked branches says this:

- --stacked             Create a stacked branch referring to the source
~                        branch. The new branch will depend on the
~                        of the source branch for all operations.

Does it really depend on the source branch being available for all
operations? I thought that at least commit would work without *any*
access to the source branch. I also hoped that log etc would work but
only show you the revisions it has locally if the source branch is not
available (with some indication that it is not showing those revisions
because of this).

I hope that my assumptions are correct and it is just an error in the
help text.

I tried to experiment myself to find out but got this error:

~ bzr branch --stacked
bzr: ERROR: The repository
'file:///tmp/'(<RepositoryFormatKnitPack1>) is
not a stackable format. You will need to upgrade the repository to
permit branch stacking.

I was also under the impression (perhaps incorrectly) that stacked
branching would work on any source branch. But if the source is the
wrong format then shouldn't the error be that the source is the wrong
format instead of trying to create a branch and then give the error that
the destination is the wrong format?

I'm really looking forward to this feature though. If implemented right
it will eliminate the only real disadvantage to DVCs. ;-)


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