Viktor Nagy viktor.nagy at
Mon Jul 14 20:09:53 BST 2008

2008/7/14 Aaron Bentley <aaron at>:
> Viktor Nagy wrote:
>> of course I didn't :(
>> 2008/7/14 Aaron Bentley <aaron at>:
>> Have you actually committed your changes?
> So there seems to be at least one usability bug-- people shouldn't be
> able to generate empty merge directives by accident.
> Now, as for committing before sending-- did you forget to commit or did
> you think you didn't have to commit?  (i.e. do we need to do more to
> emphasize the need for committing?)

I simply forget it

I think it was emphasized enough, or at least for me it is clear that
I have to commit first (even if I didn't)


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